About us

Our mission. The software upgrade for cooperative work.

Revent is a Hamburg-based startup building an intuitive, low-code workflow application platform. Founded by a motivated and product-driven team using state-of-the-art technologies to tackle down inefficiencies and frustration in the way we are running enterprise operations today. We are cooperating with industry leading companies in the field of complex product and process development to shape the future of enterprise operations. At Revent we are building the operating system for collaborative work. We want to enrich professional life and strengthen the ease and reliability in the way we perform teamwork. To achieve this we assist and automate unproductive, manual work and create free space for human essentials – creativity, cognition and decisioning. We founded Revent to develop an intuitive and intelligent B2B software that simplifies collaboration and avoids friction in connected operations.

How we work

We are a team of engineers, computer scientists, product developers and designers. We develop digital solutions with measurable success and build the touchpoints for the Digital Enterprise of tomorrow.

We aim to contribute to the next generation of Enterprise Software. Using data-driven and user-centric products, we strive for higher productivity, lower error costs, greater process reliability, and positive work experiences that enhance everyone's individual performance. No matter when or where. Every day.