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Workflows organize your Business.
We organize the Workflows.


Processes (✓). But also Chats, Bots, Apps & Services.

A bunch of innovative workflow technologies for more efficient collaboration.

The Revent platform implements the approach of conversational workflows. Objects and data from different processes and IT systems are transferred to an integration layer and optimized for industrial workflows via event streaming. In contrast to isolated applications along the process chain, our platform acts as an intelligent layer across the existing systems and integrates native business objects. For cooperative, assisted and efficient work without breaking points.

Workflows become interactive chats between humans, bots and machines. With precisely the aggregated content that is needed for the specific task at hand. 


Bots and assistants help in executing data driven task work and automate steps.


Progresses and work statuses can be observed directly by all authorized process participants.


Simple and intuitive presentation on all devices: Mobile, tablet or desktop.


The infrastructure for the process landscape.

Modell complex Workflows. Automate. Integrate Data Sources. Design Applications

Workflow Application Layer
Event Automation & Decision Layer
Workflow Application Layer
Task Model & Composition Layer
Automation & Decision Layer
Real Time Data Integration Layer

Suitable for various types of processes domains.

Fast implementation thanks to generic modules.

Suitable for any size of business.

Designed for security and privacy.

Cloud-native and scalable.

Adaptable to technical and functional process changes.


Discover more Potential within your Organization.

The Digital Transformation is reordering businesses – inefficient work is still remaining.

Real Processes do not necessarily end where their Systems end

Processes do not adhere to the boundaries of the systems in which they are mapped. Often they are continued without appropriate IT support or get lost in further systems. These breaking points result in unnecessary carryover, missing knowledge, errors and inconsistencies.

Ad hoc Communication instead of Coordination

At the break ups, coordination happens on the fly. Workarounds and compromises may lead to suitable outcomes. Thanks to process knowledge on paper, experience and understanding, the right points of contact are found. Maybe.

New Touchpoints for Systems and Data

The industry is changing and increasingly networks via cloud platforms. If IT systems break open, the data can be worked with. Once the data is accessible, apps and web apps are developed as an alternative interaction. They rearrange business capabilities in the modern IT landscape.

Easy handling. Get guided Collaboration with Workflow Applications.

An ecosystem of workflow apps between users and systems containing data combines the advantages of data networking with positive UX, controlled workflows and the handling of original data – productive work becomes easy. Through apps fitting the context.

Focus on Essentials.
By eliminating Non-Essentials.

Effective work in industrial processes means coordination of work statuses and collaboration in cross-functional teams. But in reality, productivity gets lost in the administrative day-to-day business. The amount of various and frequently changing IT systems requires innovative solutions.


Together we build cutting-edge software

At Revent, we're changing the way applications and workflows flow together. For optimal workflows that grow with your business.

Map Processes

Use your own documentation or our composer to easily and quickly define process flows, their rules and cross-relationships.

Configure quickly

Based on the process map, we configure the individual process through specific workflow apps.

Connect Data

We connect our platform with your IT landscape. If possible, we use your event stream for this. 

Manage Operations

Experience our platform in action. Benefit from updates and changes according to an agreed-upon service model.

Add Workflow Apps.

Each action contains a specialized business application with precisely the data and information required in the context of the task at hand.


Case Studies

These customers are already using our workflow application technology.

Module Management in Assembly

Audi AG

Management and deployment of material modules for automotive production using an MVP version of the platform. Defined business processes such as orders, conversions, relocations, repairs, and inspection- and maintenance-intervals are created, tracked, and monitored in the application. Different actors work collaboratively cross-process and get exactly the information they need in their current work focus.

Tact Cycles und Material Management

Audi AG

Optimization and visualization of material queuing and workstation cycling in an MVP version of the platform with a focus on data aggregation. The visual representation corresponds to a health map of the factory with relevant key figures and metrics for evaluating the planning quality. Data basis are various legacy systems of the factory. Notifications and alerts inform employees about changes in the planning process that have a direct impact on their individual work area.

Supplier Collaboration


An MVP version of the workflow platform was connected to the Siemens Teamcenter product data management system for the use case of supplier collaboration. This enables suppliers to conveniently  transfer data into the design system via a web app, for an initial sample inspection of components. Stakeholders can be integrated into the workflow intuitively and without any specialized knowledge of the system. At the same time, the processed business objects are located directly and without redundancy in the designated systems.

Make Collaboration possible. In all Areas

What used to be laborious is now easier, cheaper and faster. Optimize your workflows in all areas of the company.






Work Management



Enabling collaboration. In all areas.

What used to be time-consuming becomes easier, cheaper and faster. Optimize your workflows in all areas of the organization.


Change Management

Release Management

Supplier Integration


Ticketing & Helpdesk


Employee Onboarding


Supply Chain

Inhouse Logistics






Material Management

Work Scheduling

Your Data is Secure.

We ensure enterprise-grade software standards with modern security mechanisms such as multifactor authentication, encrypted transmission and storage in certified European data centers.

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